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EA Junk Removal offers concrete removal for all types of concrete. From small patios to entire parking lots, no job is too big or too small! Since the concrete removal process can become dangerous, do not attempt any concrete removal work if you do not have the proper training or equipment. Our junk removal services make your concrete waste headaches disappear — with low cost and no effort on your part. Just point your mouse to book online, and then point your finger at the debris you want our crew to haul away.

Concrete Removal in Coto de Caza County

Concrete removal is not something that should be taken lightly (no pun intended!). This is not your typical DIY project. Concrete removal can be back-breaking work. Even if you can break up the concrete, how will you haul the concrete and where will you take it? Instead of breaking your back, taking up your entire weekend, and attempting to use your own vehicle to haul material, why not give EA Junk Removal a call? Not only will this save your back and your weekend, but you can feel confident that your concrete removal project will be completed to perfection!

Concrete Removal Cost

Concrete removal is priced differently than our normal junk removal services. There are several different factors that go into pricing the job. We consider the thickness of the concrete, accessibility, type of concrete, size of slab that is being removed, etc. To receive a firm estimate for the removal of your concrete, give us a call! We will arrive to estimate the job within 24 hours of your phone call. Once we look at the concrete you would like us to remove, we will provide you with a price and explain the process we will use to remove your concrete.

Quick Turnaround

EA Junk Removal takes pride in having the quickest turnaround time in the concrete removal business. Since concrete removal requires special equipment and preparation, it takes a little longer than standard junk removal. However, we can still have your job started within two days of your call! We understand that your time is very important. The duration of the job depends on the size of the concrete you want removed and the accessibility of the area. If we must remove the concrete by hand, the duration of the job may increase.

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EA Junk Removal offers both commercial junk removal services for contractors as well as construction debris removal for homeowner DIY projects. We have no minimum or maximum size for the job — whether you need concrete removal after tearing up a small patio or a major junk haul-away for a major C&D project, we have the trucks and staff to handle it professionally. Contact us today to book your concrete removal appointment.

Concrete Removal in Coto de Caza County

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Retaining walls
  • Brick walls
  • Swimming pools (In-ground or above ground)
  • Parking lots
  • And more!

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